This or That: Gucci Jackie 1961 or Gucci Diana?

It’s no secret that vintage-inspired bags and full on revivals are some of the hottest bags on the market right now. nearly every major designer has dipped into its archives to bring back iconic house styles with a modern flair. arguably no one has done this as well as Alessandro Michele at Gucci.

Michele recently celebrated his 6th anniversary at Gucci, and his time as creative director has resulted in Gucci becoming one of the most sought-after brands in the handbag world with the release of hit after handbag hit. Michele has looked to Gucci’s storied history time and time again for inspiration, and it is evident looking at his work time and time again. two of Michele’s biggest handbag hits so far have been full-on re-editions of former icons.

Both the Gucci Jackie and the Gucci Diana are named after stylish cultural icons in history. The Jackie, after the late Jackie Kennedy, and the Diana after the late Princess Diana. With such storied histories it’s impossible not to put these two in the ring for a face off. may the best bag win.

The Bags

The Jackie bag was originally created in 1961, hence why the re-edition is called the Jackie 1961, and it was re-released last summer. From its debut, the Jackie 1961 became highly sought-after once again, and like the original it has been carried by many fashion muses like actresses, models, and influencers alike.

The style itself is part shoulder bag, part hobo, keeping the silhouette and shape of the original but reimagined with a modern and contemporary twist. The bag is defined by its signature curved shape and classic hardware, bearing an almost identical resemblance to the original. It comes in many variations including multiples sizes and materials like leather, fabric and exotics.

Gucci Jackie 1961 small Ostrich Bag
via Gucci


As for the Diana, it bears a striking resemblance to the original as well, with the bag’s ionic bamboo straps once again being focal point on the re-edition. The original, which dates back to 1991, bears the same tote shape and storied bamboo handles, though there are some noticeable differences to the 2021 version.

The new Diana is available in a few different sizes, and colors range from neutral to pop colors like pink, green and blue. the most noticeable difference, and the detail that really modernizes the bag, is the removable, neon leather belt straps that are shown around the bamboo handles. The leather straps are an ode to the functional bands that helped the original bag maintain its handle’s shape.

Gucci small Diana Bag
via Gucci


Toto alebo tamto?

Each bag is classic in its own right, yet starkly different when comparing each bag’s overall shape and details. Yet, we can’t help but compare the two thank thanks to the iconic backstories and fan-following. Either one is a beautiful choice and a great way to hop on the archival revival train.

Which bag gets your vote and why?

You can shop the full Diana and Jackie assortments via Gucci.

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