A Peek inside Fashionphile’s new York Showroom

I am no complete stranger to resale, as it’s been a key aspect in my purse journey. Without it, I would never have had gain access to to, nor the funds to get my collection to where it is today. In a way, purse collecting can be like buying as well as trading stock. I’ve made major revenues on bags while taking extremely few losses. My rule is I can only buy bags with the money I make selling bags. all of us understand selling on our own can be a bit frightening at times, as well as I personally discover the process stressful. That’s why I personally enjoy either selling to close buddies or working with consignment/resellers to move my bags. Fashionphile has been a reseller that I’ve had a fantastic connection with for years. Personally, I have offered eighteen bags to them so far, as well as as I redecorate my new apartment after a fresh move, I’ve decided to turn to them when once again to assist comprise some furniture funds.

Fashionphile offers a number of methods to get a quote, however I usually take the on the internet submission path as I like to understand what I’ll be getting before I leave my house. They have just recently opened a showroom/appointment hub in the upper east Side that enables drop-offs which has me truly excited since I dislike shipping my bags (the stress and anxiety of it all). While I was there, I was enabled to poke around the showroom, as well as speak to one of their Buyers, Daniel Englander, about the future of high-end fashion, resale life, as well as of course, bags.

Bag Talk:

As somebody who utilized to work in the resale industry, one of the coolest elements of the task was the fantastic bags I got to handle. Those tasks truly did provide me with the very first up close as well as personal bag encounters, which truly altered the method I felt about handbags. It likewise provided me the experience I needed to type my own opinions about designers as well as styles as well as a great deal of that understanding is still something that I utilize today.

I never pass up on the chance to chat about bags since let’s deal with it, they are quite much my life as well as I truly enjoyed speaking to Englander.

PurseBlog: Is there a bag that you’re personally ill of seeing?
Daniel Englander: The Louis Vuitton Neverfull – it’s EVERYWHERE.

PB: Coolest bag you’ve encountered?
DE: Himalayan Birkin 25 – Palladium hardware

PB: What’s your holy grail?
DE: A woman Dior in floral brocade with plexiglass handles

PB: Is there a bag you see the most?
DE: Not really, we see everything. mini bags are hot right now so we have people wanting to offer them.

PB: name a bag people are sleeping on?
DE: The Lanvin Pencil bag


Handling gorgeous bags all the time may seem like a super attractive job, as well as sometimes it is! We likewise understand that some juicy stories are to be had, so we just had to get the scoop.

PB: tell us your bag horror story:
DE: One time I saw a kid’s tooth, it was more endearing since we understood it was a kid’s.

PB: highlight of your day?
DE: Seeing all the awesome items! You see some crazy pieces. It doesn’t have to be a Himalayan Birkin to be exciting. It’s likewise about the stories too, our regulars are great.

PB: exactly how did you get into handbags?
DE: I’ve always been into fashion from the womb to here, as well as being in new York you see so much motivation so it’s awesome to see who’s bring what.

PB: any type of crazy fakes?
DE: To be honest not as many as one would think…but enough.

PB: What’s your handle the next It-bag?
DE: I really believe we’re trending towards smaller designers, we’re moving away from the huge French as well as Italian high-end homes as well as moving towards indie bags, the classics we already know.

Gucci cutout Flora shoulder Bag
via Fashionphile


The Future of high-end

The retail landscape as we understand it is definitely a thing of the past. since phones ended up being small computers in our pockets, the method we shop is constantly changing. consumer priorities have likewise changed, as sustainability as well as lessening our effect is no longer just a nice concept however a requirement. As we establish new methods to consume, we should likewise look to modification what it is that we consume. The fashion market is no complete stranger to pollution, however with more brands as well as business producing cyclical trade-in programs, we hope to make fashion less harmful. business like Fashionphile are not only making high-end products more accessible, however they are keeping products in rotation longer.

PB: What do you see for the future of resale?
DE: I see it ending up being a bigger force, the stigma of resale has changed, bring utilized bags are not seen as low-class anymore it has, environmental benefits.

PB: What sets Fashionphile apart?
DE: Obviously, when you’re dealing with a larger company, there’s more comfort for the seller, aČím viac sme sa rozrástli, tým viac sme spoľahlivejší, stále máme ľudí, ktorí sa pýtajú skvelých otázok.

PB: A čo stigma okolo využívaných tašiek?
DE: Verím, že je to mimoriadne starý spôsob myslenia. Verím, že práve tak je svet teraz. Verte na začiatku Birkin – Produkuje Jane Birkinovú, ako aj teraz je na náručí všetkých Kardashians. Vývoj tašiek je konštantný a dôjde k úprave.

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